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Site ImageFor more than 100 years, Chilton has been producing quality automotive repair information. We remain committed to that legacy today as we produce innovative products such as ChiltonDIY, ChiltonPRO, ChiltonEstimating and ChiltonLibrary. In addition to Chilton's prepared products, we also offer customers the option to pick and choose precisely the information that they need.

As new automotive systems and technologies emerge, Chilton improves its massive database of content. We continually refine our software applications to develop products and solutions that best fit the needs of automotive professionals, DIYers, students and enthusiasts.

Our customizable content spans decades of vehicle-specific data, including:

  • Mechanical Repair Procedures
  • Diagnostic Repair Procedures
  • Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)
  • Labor Times (standard and severe service)
  • Maintenance Service Schedules
  • Photographs, Drawings, Animations & Videos

We utilize a consultative approach when working with our customers to deliver content and software to exacting specifications. Chilton employs a wealth of resources to ensure custom implementations go smoothly.

Whatever your needs are, we look forward to developing a Chilton information solution with you!

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